I was having a WEEK last week. While my break didn’t even last an entire week, I was on LinkedIn, and Facebook, and Tumblr, seeing all of these people I graduated with, both undergrad and business school, getting these new, amazing jobs.

I sat there comparing myself. Freaking out.

What the heck is wrong with me? I’d done well in school, had multiple internships, graduated from business school a semester early even though I got married square in the middle of fall semester. Like what the heck is going on (not meant as a humblebrag… legitimately meant as what the heck is going on - emailing multiple people to see what’s wrong with my resume - real life panic stuff)? 

You see, my job is a job where I get yelled at over the phone, quite a bit, and one person can only do that for a certain amount of time before they start to actually lose their mind out of stress and frustration. For a long time it didn’t bother me, but lately, I think because of my disdain for my current position x time spent doing it, and frustration over not being able to find something new, it had started to really get to me again. I’ve typed up 3 terribly depressing drafts that thankfully never saw the light of your Tumblr dashboard… my husband saw them though, we began planning my exit strategy with my paper side hustle as my only future plan.

This story is a happy one however. 3 days after giving up the internet, I was finally offered a new role within my own office. One that will allow me to travel, plan events (pre-game events! Get ready ACC friends!) and make a teeny tiny bit more money to support my (shopping) habits. I can still work on wedding and event stationery, still launch a new lifestyle blog, and ultimately get my shop open. 

This is a great next step for me.

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  3. peoniesandcocktails said: Wahoo! Congrats! P.S. Do you have a website showcasing all your wedding paper goods? Starting to look into them for my May 2014 wedding :)
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