1. Like the 5th time I’ve instagrammed this, but it’s my absolute favorite sandwich. (at Café Raymond)


  2. Friday

    I am in a frighteningly good mood today. It could be the 2.75 miles run - 1.5 miles walked this AM (how do I still feel okay enough to do this?), the promise of my favorite sandwich place (tomato + mozzarella FTW) for lunch today or the large decaf dunkin in my hand, but I am really feeling great.

    Babe is 21 weeks old (and then some… allegedly), and the size of a banana - so that’s cool too.


  3. We dug into @jayseekay’s birthday cake earlier this afternoon. #oops #enormoushoho


  4. These were last-minute invitations but they turned out super gorgeous! #jackplusbean (at jack+bean HQ)


  5. luciwithani:

    GO PENS. 

    (Source: wildpens)


  6. Me and my bud. FYI you can’t see his cardigan but if you have a little boy get to H&M stat for nautically-themed cotton cardis. So amazing.


  7. Caffeine

    There was definitely caffeine in my skinny vanilla latte this morning. I feel like I’m typing as fast as the speed of light right now.

    EDIT: I’m also listening to techno. Today could be the most productive day of my pregnancy.


  8. gettyimages:

    Still Going Strong
    One Year later, Boston continues to heal.

    April 15th marks one year since the Boston Marathon bombings. Lives were forever changed, but even through tragedy, there remains an incredible amount of strength and resilience. We take a look back at the difficult healing process of a city coping with unspeakable loss, while still staying ‘Boston Strong.’
    See the images on GettyInFocus


  9. For many runners, a Boylston Street shop near the finish line has become part of the recovery.


  10. Weekend + Today

    I am freaking exhausted. Friday was great - 2 afternoon meetings followed by O’Doul’s for me and craft beer for JCK plus fried fish sandwiches at a local dive. Saturday, ran 2.5 miles and walked another 1.5 at the gym before running so many errands for the gender reveal party, including a stop at Forever 21 for a new outfit on the way to my parents as my ASOS dresses didn’t show up for the party - no worries, but not my plan. The party was really great - my parents are the absolute best and we are so excited to welcome a baby girl in August. Sunday was spent at the outlets buying a few little girl outfits (obviously) and at our nephew’s adorable lacrosse game, before a long walk and late mass in our neighborhood. 

    Today has been a problem. Jeff and I got up to hit the gym this morning, I was super tired but still managed to crank out the same workout referenced above, but since then I have been pretty much useless. So jobs hanging over my head. I’m not behind on anything, but man is it tough to get your creative juices flowing after a weekend like that one!