Hands up for Friday!! #georgiajune

Hangin with Bop George and Gramma Patty at Round Hill Fars this morning. @mwsmulski @asmulski (at Round Hill Park and Exhibit Farm)

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This little one really, really doesn’t want me to get anything done today, but at least I love her outfit. 💗 #georgiajune

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Pink kicks make me happy : )


cute transitional outfit! Get details here

Not at all creepy work-in-progress birth announcement. She’ll be watching you.

I have two baby books left to read - one involving sleep patterns, so I should probably get on that. But I finally ordered this book off of Amazon and I am SO excited to read it and see the movie. Haven’t been this pumped about a book in a while. Can’t even recall the last time I read something for leisure that wasn’t related to baby or business.

My baby blue. #georgiajune