1. Today

    might be the day my head explodes. 


  2. Buzzing around this morning : ). Custom bee-themed invites and stickers! Thank you notes too! #jackplusbean (at jack+bean South Hills Satellite Office)


  3. Sad day. Finally using up all of my Missoni for Target stationery… 2 years later. #papergoods


  4. Surprising to probably no one who knows me, this is the inspiration for our nursery (baby name still up in the air, FYI - I’ve been asked to hold off on anything monogrammed for the time-being). We don’t close on our house for another 5 weeks and we’re unfortunately not getting in the house at all until then. I’ve seen the house twice for about 25 minutes (when we put in an offer) and again when we inspected but I mostly sat in the kitchen that whole time and can’t even tell you if the fridge has an ice maker or not - I’m great with noticing stuff. In the meantime, I’m relying on an old zillow listing with blurry photos since our house was never on the market.

    Regardless, I’m really trying not to spend any money until we actually “click purchase” on the house and I can’t even imagine how furnishing this house is going to go. Immediate plans include removing the wallpaper from each of the bathrooms, replacing the hardware in all bathrooms and kitchen, painting the entire house’s interior, tossing up a backsplash in the kitchen and hopefully furnishing our living room, bedroom and nursery. On that note, does anyone know anything about painting cabinets? Good idea? Terrible idea?

    The rest of the rooms will be done one at a time… I’m afraid of overspending and investing in pieces I’ll hate in one year. We’re crazy lucky that none of the carpet needs replaced just yet and the hardwood floors are being taken care of - neatest elderly couple of all time. We are hoping to sell the majority of our apartment furniture (office furniture is coming with - can’t wait to not be squeezed into a corner of the bedroom with boxes all over the apartment - shipping & receiving has a designated space!), so moving should be relatively easy too. We’ll have 4 days from closing to get the apartment cleaned and vacated. Things are happening.


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  6. Tell me your secrets!!!


  7. Hoppy Easter from the Knorrs! @jayseekay


  8. Like the 5th time I’ve instagrammed this, but it’s my absolute favorite sandwich. (at Café Raymond)


  9. Friday

    I am in a frighteningly good mood today. It could be the 2.75 miles run - 1.5 miles walked this AM (how do I still feel okay enough to do this?), the promise of my favorite sandwich place (tomato + mozzarella FTW) for lunch today or the large decaf dunkin in my hand, but I am really feeling great.

    Babe is 21 weeks old (and then some… allegedly), and the size of a banana - so that’s cool too.


  10. We dug into @jayseekay’s birthday cake earlier this afternoon. #oops #enormoushoho